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Friend and customer of Retroford, Iain Freestone of Freestone Rally services recently sent us a few pictures of this Mk1 that completed the East African Safari Classic Rally.

All the shell preparation was completed by Retroford. Turning a standard shell into a GP4 shell. All the rest of the build was completed by Iain.

The car was driven by Aziz Tejpar (England) and Kenyan, Andy Nagi


New products now available at Retro-Ford BDA ZETEC ROCKER COVERS. Now cast from aluminium and a direct fit, will fit silver top and black engines. Click below to view a fully 3D representation that you can rotate within your web browser.

If you haven’t seen Jeremy Clarkson’s latest DVD offering ‘The Italian Job”, you really should!

Ignoring the misleading title, it features a Zetec powered bubble arch Mk1 Escort, driven by Clarkson in a classic touring car race.

Built by Eurphoria Racing, it uses all the Retroford parts needed to complete the Zetec installation.

Check out for a change to drive this Escort!!!


English, heavy duty 2 piece half-shafts. Direct replacement for standard shafts. Double heat treated. Will be available for Escort MK1, MK2, Anglia and Cortina.